Forge Division
- Bars/shafts from 100mm Ø to 850mm Ø by up to 7,5 meters in length either stepped or parallel.
- Gear blanks up to 2000mm Ø by 650mm high
- Bushes up to 1700mm Ø by 1200mm long with various bore sizes.
- Various rings up to 3 meters in diameter.
- Forgings from 10 to 10 000 kilograms
- 1700-ton and 1000-ton Hydraulic Forging Presses.
- Forging hammers ranging from 1 to 3 ton capacity
- Range of ring rolling mills to produce forgings and rings, large or small to meet the customers' requirements.
- Two Expander sizers are also used to ensure perfect roundness of forged rings.



Our range of input material includes the popular grades of carbon and low/medium alloy steels of the BS/EN, AISI/SAE and ASTM/ASME ranges. Selected grades of martensitic, austenitic and duplex stainless steels are also kept in stock. Horizontal band saws with capacities of cutting up to 1000mm diameter are used for the preparation of feedstock to the forge.

For the client whose requirement warrants a ready to use component, our fully equipped machine shop is always available. A bevy of vertical boring mills, centre lathes, horizontal boring mill and radial arm drills are fully tooled for almost every eventuality. The CNC machining/drilling section is the pride of this department, and a must for precision machining of components and perfection drilling of tube sheets, baffle plates and flanges.