Heat Treatment
Frankwen Forge Heat treatment offers a wide spectrum of heat treatment processes, backed up by a full range of straightening and facilities.
Top hat furnaces for stress relieving, normalizing, annealing, through hardening and tempering processes.
Our facilities include oil and water quenching up to 7.3 meters in length and 3,0m vertically, backed up with straightening facilities.
(We have an In House mechanical testing facility - Franktech Laboratory).
We specialise in the following heat treatment processes:
- Oil Quench and temper : Up to 7,3m long      
- Water Quench and temper : Up to 7,3m long
- Normalizing : Up to 8m long
- Stress relieving : Sizes up to 8m x 3m x 1,5m
- Annealing : Up to 8m long
- Heat treatment of aluminium forgings    
- Solution heat treatment