Human Resources

Information Act

The information manual in term of section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act ( Act 2 of 2000) is available from the Information Officer.

Information officer e-mail : Managing Director

Or for manual Download below.

Promotion of Access to Information Act Manual : PAIA Manual

Promotion of Access to Information Act Request Form : PAIA Form C Request

Fax or E-Mail form C Request with attention To :

Allan Traube

Fax : 011 749 0680


Human Resources

The Management of this company is totally committed to the protection of both the employee and management rights. Our purpose is to create prosperity to the benefit of all involved with Frankwen Forge (Pty) Ltd. We strongly adhere to the principles of freedom of belief, expression and association.

Wage earners are governed by the Metal Industries main agreement, while salaried staff are governed by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. Apparent disparities and irregularities are due to this division, which falls within the provisions of the Labour Relations Act.

Employment Equity

Frankwen Forge is committed to creating a workplace in which no one is denied employment opportunities or benefits for reasons unrelated to ability and where no one is discriminated against unfairly. We are committed to implementation of the Employment Equity Act and remains governed by that legislation and its amendments.

In order to ensure this, Frankwen Forge (Pty) Ltd will embark on a process of employment equity and affirmative action in order to effect transformation, to remove the barriers to the employment and advancement of all South Africans and to accelerate the employment, training and promotion of individuals form the designated groups.

Employment Equity Goals

No unfair discriminatory practices, policies of procedures, implicit or explicit, direct or indirect are to exist anywhere in any form within this company. No barriers to exist in the workplace that unfairly restrict employment and promotion opportunity for designated employees. An organisational culture in which diversity is encouraged in order to promote mutual understanding, optimising potential and achievement within this company. Create a living document in our dynamic plan to bring full equity to the workplace within the plans and the relevant legislation.

Skills Development

Frankwen Forge are committed to develop skills which relate to the needs and demands of the employees and the company. We use the workplace as an active learning environment and provide workers with the opportunities to acquire new skills. Our aim is to develop our staff by providing training.

By doing this we are:

- Improving the prospects of workers and their quality of life.

- Improving the workplace productivity and competitiveness.

Our employment equity suggests that education and training has a key role to play in eradicating current shortages of suitably qualified and experience people from the designated groups. As such, our employment equity policy and skills development policy are closely interdependent.